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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Jake Tanner - Behind The Barn

He was one of those eternally hot and unforgettably sexy men who gave us sleepless nights and sore cocks from all the wanking ... ... actually, he is still giving us sore cocks for there have been few - if any - men since with the looks, the attitude, and the dick-size to match his! Jake Tanner truly was one of a kind! 

See here a remastered version of his epic Behind The Barn solo:

For all of Jake's photo sets and videos, just click HERE to enter the 

1 comment:

Kestal said...

In my opinion, the COLT models of the '80s and '90s were the cream of the crop in Colt's history even though all (or most) of them were straight. I doubt we'll ever see the likes of John Pruitt, John Kessler, Pete Kuzak, and Franco Corelli again. I dislike GayForPay, but there is no denying the muscled splendor and charisma of these men and their contemporaries who modeled for COLT. They were the ultimate fantasy.